Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The BCS system

I love college football. I went to school at LSU and have been a fanatic since I was a student. We get the "appropriate respect" when it comes to the rankings and the BCS, so this is not a selfish rant.

What really irks me is that a majority of FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision - formerly know as I-A) has NO shot at playing for the national championship. It's a farce. It's a power/money thing perpetuated by the schools/conferences in power.

Do I think that Boise State could hang in the SEC? I doubt it. My problem is that the answer to this question shouldn't be subjective. If there's a playoff and Boise State gets trounced in the first round, so be it. They'd get their shot.

As far as 2009, putting Boise State and TCU in the Fiesta Bowl is a complete and utter rigging of the system. These "David" teams are 3-1 in BCS bowls against the BCS "Goliath" teams since they were at least allowed to make a BCS bowl. Nobody wants to play them because it's a losing proposition. If you barely beat them or lose, it's an embarrassment. If you trounce them, it's a complete bore of a game against a team that shouldn't even be there.

So, these two potentially great teams are relegated to showing off their stuff to each other, proving nothing. Yes, they get to eat some pie at the big boy table and that's not insignificant. However, it's an insult to these programs and it's cowardly of the power brokers.

Big-time college football simply needs a real champion via a playoff system ... and soon.