Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cutting cable is gaining momentum

Cutting the Cord

I'm a solid two months plus in and have no regrets to this point. I can't quite get all of the over-the-air channels over my indoor antennas at the same time, but I'm close.

I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm going to have to switch ISPs at some point though. I still have Comcast Internet and I would have to think they're not going to put up with this for too long. Also, there's a 250GB maximum per month that I'm beginning to worry about.

Live sports is the real kicker. ESPN is going to have some massive leverage over the next handful of years. I wonder which direction they should go: embrace Internet streaming or blackmail the cable/satellite providers.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Use of Government

I'll borrow one of Bill Maher's signature bits because it seems appropriate:

New Rule: Americans should stop trying to use the government to further their own agenda.

This is a fundamental problem. The government is all powerful. They make and enforce the laws. They print and control the money (or at least delegate it). They can tax at will. People know it and try to make it a tool for their own agenda. They think their use is just and right, whereas other uses are abuses of power.

The more powerful you are, the more influence you have in government.

Why not have a government that is there to prevent/punish criminal activity (including fraud) and settle civil disputes? Most everything else is a co-opt of the government's power for personal gain.