Friday, March 2, 2012

GOP and contraceptives

The last time I considered myself a Republican (1988), I'd barely turned 18 years old. I have generally considered myself a libertarian (lower case 'l') since the mid-90's. There are certain parts of my view of government that could align me with Republicans and others that don't. However, the current incarnation of the GOP seems to have severely gone off track. The far right wing has completely taken the reigns and turned it all into "politics through the lens of the Bible."

Take the current topic of contraceptive coverage. The President's plan requires it to be provided free of charge by all medical insurers. Yes, the government is forcing private businesses to give things away. If they don't, it's a violation of the law. That, in itself, is a reasonable thing on which to argue and I've heard a few make this exact argument.

However, the right has turned this into a holy war on reproductive freedom for women. Contraception and abortions apparently only exist due to the women that are sluts and whores in this society. If everybody lived by the Bible, we would have no need for such things. Men can chase their careers and women can keep the home, getting pregnant whenever God decides. Doesn't that sound just wonderful if you're a woman?

The foundation for equality for women depends on reproductive freedom. It doesn't necessarily mean that all of the tools for it should be free by government decree, but it is crucial that they be accessible.